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10 Reasons You Should be an Entrepreneur by Bamidele
Being an entrepreneur can be one of the best decisions you will ever take in life but you don’t just jump into things without knowing why, this post will be listing 10 reasons why you should be an entrepreneur.
1. Be Your Own Boss.
Nothing can be more frustrating than taking orders from the same person all the time. Even if taking orders is okay, what happens if your life depends on taking orders? Failure to obey your boss can kick you out of your job.
Being an entrepreneur puts and end to this and you don’t have to answer or take orders from any boss anymore, you live your life as it pleases you, you do things as you want.
We all have various ways of doing things and what works for me might not work for you, if you are working under a boss your boss can make you do things against your will if he believe that is what works best but as an entrepreneur you don’t have to face all this, you do as it pleases you.
2. Work at Your Own Schedule.
Having a 9-5 job can be very stressful, you have to leave for work 9am every morning and you have no choice until 5pm in the evening, being an entrepreneur helps you overcome this and you can decide if you want to be working from 2pm in the noon till 6pm in the evening, it depends on you.
Depending on how and where your business operates, you can even work at night and sleep at day as an entrepreneur, you can decide to live a different way of life – and this is what a 9-5 job will never provide.
3. No Limit to Your Progress.
As far as working under someone is concerned, there is a limit to what you can be. You can never exceed your boss. Being an entrepreneur helps you overcome this limitation and whether you want to be a CEO or a sales representative, it is yours to decide.
Another thing about working a 9-5 job is that it doesn’t matter how great your idea is and how it can help…...

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