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What Happens to the Body Because of Cigarettes

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Cigarettes have been a main issue in this country for years. It is currently the leading preventable death in the US. The components that are in cigarettes have led to the cause of several different diseases. It has an effect on three main components in the body. The first part of the body that it affects is the respiratory system. The second part of the body it affects is blood. The last part of the body it affects is the organs in the body. The respiratory system is a vital part of the human body. It allows the body to take oxygen in to the system and allow a person to breath. Cigarettes contain a component called hydrogen cyanide. This has toxic effects on the cilia of the bronchial tubes. The cilia are responsible for filtering and cleaning of the lungs ( There is also tar in cigarette smoke that gets deposited in to the respiratory tract and the lungs which turns them black. The cellular respiration in the respiratory system is also affected. Cellular respiration is what turns oxygen in to carbon monoxide. With the smoking of cigarettes it raises the carbon monoxide in the body and lowers its ability to use the oxygen the body needs. The blood is a vital fluid of the body. Cigarettes have caused a direct problem with the blood which causes several diseases. Oxygen that the body needs is transported in by hemoglobin. When smoke is inhaled it brings in a level of carbon monoxide that is even higher that what cars output. With this level of carbon monoxide it attaches to the hemoglobin almost 200 times faster that oxygen can. This reduces the amount of blood that can be carried around in the body. This makes it so that the brain receives lower oxygen levels and effects the functions that brain can do. Smoking cigarettes has a devastating effect on the organs in the body. The nicotine that is in cigarettes reaches the brain in seconds once it is inhaled. This stimulates the brain cells and then blocks the nerves impulse. Nicotine also causes accelerated heart rate, the contracting and hardening of the arteries. This has the heart pumping but receiving less blood. Carbon monoxide and nicotine both appear to play a part in accelerating the deposition of cholesterol in the inner lining of arteries which over many years leads to arteriosclerosis, a kind of hardening and furring up of arteries which reduces blood flow ( Cigarette smoke causes damage to the phagocytic cells in respiratory epithelium. The main job of these cells is to help rid the lungs of foreign particles and bacteria ( With all the damaging effects that smoking cigarettes people have started smoking electronic cigarettes. It has shown that smoking smokeless cigarettes does have fewer effects on the body than normal ones. It still contains nicotine that can still do damage but what it is missing thousands of other chemicals that normal cigarettes carry in them.
In Conclusion there is nothing good about cigarettes accepted the mental belief that it calls down stress. It has devastating effects on the blood. By causing a raise of carbon monoxide in the body and lowering the blood levels that pass through the heart and brain. The poisons that come from cigarettes reaches the body’s organs causing sever types of diseases. It lowers the blood levels that reach the heart and brain. Smoking leaves tar deposits on the lungs. It destroys the phagocytic cells which in turn lowers the body’s ability to rid the lungs of foreign particles and bacteria. With all the negatives that smoking brings is it really worth the little stress relief it brings. Doesn’t look like it to me.

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