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What Kids Can Teach Us About Leadership

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ITT Tech Group Dynamics – Virtual Library Assignment

The nonprofit Partnership for Public Service and The Washington Post's On Leadership site jointly produce the Federal Coach, hosted by Tom Fox, director of the partnership's Center for Government Leadership. The goal is to "engage, inspire and learn from you, the federal worker, whether you are a new hire, a contractor or a manager at the highest level." What kids can teach us about leadership
Every Friday during the summer, the author of the article and his wife has a massive pizza party with our neighbors; it's as much for the adults as for the kids. As the author is usually getting home from work; he is not yet in weekend mode so he sits and analyzes the group dynamics of about two dozen kids. As a result, I find myself analyzing the group dynamics among the dozen or so neighborhood kids playing together.
You might think that the oldest kids run the group, or perhaps the most vocal and outgoing kids are the leaders. In reality, a different leader surfaces weekly, and the author realized that there may be something to learn about leadership from these kids.
Given that much of leadership in government is peer leadership and more than command-and-control, here are some lessons learned on how to best lead your peers. First off, one of the kids usually steps up to take responsibility for coming up with ideas among the group. According to the author, to see a group of kids, all younger than 10, facilitate a brainstorm around the best ways to spend their Friday nights is stunning. They don't wait for the adults to come up with ideas for their playtime.
As peers leading peers, we should do the same in the workplace. Don't always wait for an order from your supervisor. Organize discussions among your peers and take action. Your leaders are likely to be impressed.
The kids let the best ideas when. A leader…...

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