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What Makes a Good Manager

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The age old question of what makes a good manager has been around for as long as companies have been in existence. Throughout the years, with a shift from a predominantly industrial workforce to a more office centered workforce, ideal qualities for a manager have also shifted from more authoritative based to more communication based. Many various qualities make up what we now consider to be a good manager or supervisor. One of the most important qualities of being a successful manager is the ability to communicate with your employees. Nothing is worse than not being able to explain to your employees what it is you are looking for exactly. Often times, especially in the case of lower level managers and supervisors, you may need to communicate an idea that has been sent down through numerous people already and it is important that the message that is being sent does not get lost in translation. Employees will appreciate it if they can fully understand what their objectives are. Well-conceived, measureable employee objectives are a manager’s best friend and communication is the key to establishing those. Another important quality of a good manager is the ability to delegate to your employees. Every day, a manager receives a variety of tasks that he or she cannot just do on their own. They must assign certain tasks to certain employees. It is important to spread out the tasks in a manner that won’t overload some people but at the same time, allow the people best suited to accomplish certain tasks to accomplish them. While it may be tempting to give every important task to certain employees that a manager trusts the most, doing so will over work that certain employee and at the same time alienate the rest of the employees that will feel like the manager is playing favorites.…...

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