When Billy Broke His Head

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Reflections: When Billy Broke His Head
Billy Golfus, who suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident, struggles to find ways to rejoin society and understand disability as a social category (Aufderheide, 1997).

Challenge of Personal Belief The theory “a person may be impaired, but it is society which causes disability” resonates with me. I agree with the concept of placing the person before the disorder. This assignment has made me take a hard look at how American culture describes impairment. A search on the Web for a synonym of “disability” finds words like: affliction, ailment, complaint, defect, disablement, disorder, handicap, impairment, infirmity. These are not positive words. Perhaps one day we will have the utopia Karl Marx envisioned, a classless society where everyone is equal regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion or impairment. Until then, a definite shift is required in the perception and definition of disability.
Portrayals of PWD Interviews were conducted with highly intelligent people who engaged in political activism, who were artists and individuals who wanted control over their lives and destinies. These are atypical of how PWD are portrayed in western mainstream society. In every person there exists the innate human power to overcome challenges, the will to succeed, the desire to feel accepted by peers, and the desire to be treated with respect. The quality of “overcoming” cannot be measured. In each individual case, the level of overcoming adversity is marked by specific challenges. However, generalizations may be made that adversity is part of life and the human condition. Every human being has something rare and powerful to offer the world. It is the intrinsic human ability to adapt which allows the rare and invisible aspect to display itself from potential to actual.
Difficult Scenes The scene in…...

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