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When God Was a Woman

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When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone

In “When God Was a Woman” written by Merlin Stone there are arguments presented that could change one’s beliefs about whether or not God was a female at first. The first theory presented referred to the story about Adam and Eve. It is believed that since Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, he punished women by making them less superior to men. Stone also presented strong evidence such as sculptures of women found in the Gravettian-Aurignacian cultures as late as 25,000 BC to argue that God was a woman. Statues made out of stone, bone, and clay were discovered as Venus sculptures that people worshiped. With the evidence Stone presented, I think God could have been a woman and over time the religious perspective has changed the way woman have been treated.
Religion and historical findings work together to collectively assume that God was once a woman. According to the Bible, “in prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, religions existed in which people revered their supreme creator as female”(xii). People practice many different religions and contribute largely in the way people live there lives. When growing up individual’s views are instilled in them by their parents where they are taught to worship a certain God. Growing up the Ten Commandments were an essential in the Catholic religion. The Hebrews believed in a light blazing, also known as the God on a mountaintop. I am the Lord thy God thou shalt not have other gods. This first commandant clearly states that this religion is the one and true religion, which is of course a similar theme in many other books of religious belief. From this point on conflict will be raised amongst different religious parties, which sprung an uncertainty about which sex should be the supreme. Stone suggests the idea that religion and history were…...

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