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When Kids Kill

Recently the number of murders committed by children increased dramatically. This issue is spreading at a fast rate and is touching families, friends and civilians. Children are becoming more sophisticated and are dealing with new, bigger problems at a younger age. Combined with a violent surrounding, dealing with these problems may cause a more disturbed and brutal
“solution” that will be executed by the child. Nothing still shocks as much as a child killing an innocent person or even a parent. Dealing with these children is another problem. Should they be treated as adults or as normal kids and just blame their acts on a childish explanation?
With such a serious and alarming concern, an effective solution is desperately required. A child must be taught what’s good and what’s bad. In these conditions, it is best to put these children in a non-violent juvenile prison where they will face a rehabilitation that will hopefully prevent the recurrence of similar future crimes.

To begin with, there are several reasons that push children to commit such crimes. According to
Heide (2009) a child usually has a tremendous difficulty in accepting that his actions lead to an irreversible result. Many factors may come into place that will cause such behaviors. The psychological side is a major reason in this issue. Children will become dangerous and will most likely commit crimes when they experience difficult and hard conditions in their home places. The problem is that these children who are suffering cannot leave their homes because it is now illegal to do such acts. Plus, if they manage to run away they will face harder conditions due to their shortage of survival skills and necessities like money and experience.
Heide classifies the teenagers who might commit crimes into three types. First, the abused child, who isn’t…...

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