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Eyes On The Road
Is it possible to read a book and drive at the same time? Absolutely not, so why should we think it is ok to use our cell phones and drive at the same time. When drivers decide to send or receive text message on their cell phones, while driving they are putting their life and another person life in jeopardy. This issue is now a national problem and one source has claimed 1.6 million accidents a year, results of 6,000 deaths and a half million injuries (The Department of Transportation). The one thing that all drivers should consider is “ vision.” The use of cell phones while operating a vehicle can cause accidents, fatalities, and road rage.
Initially, more and more accidents are occurring, since all kinds of drivers are now using their cell phones to text message, dial phone number and checking their e-mails, while they are driving on the road. Vehicle manufacturers are making the vehicles equipped with a Bluetooth hands free device, so drivers would be more attentive when they are driving on the road. However, another source showed drivers making a phone call were four times as likely to cause an accident as other drivers; hands-free devices were not significantly safer; if you text and drive, it's twice as risky as just talking on the phone (“PBS NewsHour”). Furthermore, the only way to assure safety and a decline in statics is to stop using the cell phone while driving
So far, cellular phones and road rage are a bad combination and In today’s society more and more people are on the road today using cellular phones and texting today; consequently, road rage has increased because of people driving on the road attention. Road rage is a violent behavior by a driver of an automobile, which can cause accidents or incidents on the roadway. Drivers may become very angry at other drivers who are on a cellular phone, since they have personally…...

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