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Why Hockey Is the Toughest Sport

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Thesis: Out of all the sports, hockey contains the toughest players and is the toughest sport to learn and play.
Purpose: To explain to audience how hockey is the all around toughest sport

I. How many people here play hockey or even know about it?
A. In my lifetime I haven’t met many people that play hockey B. Not too many people can because it’s not the most popular sport in America II. There’s no other sport quite like hockey, it’s the toughest one out there to learn and play while containing the toughest athletes.
A. The skill set you need in order to play hockey is unlike any other sport.
B. It's proven that hockey is the fastest moving and hardest hitting sport out there.
C. On a daily basis, players get injured during games and yet continue to play through the pain.
I. The skill set you need in order to play hockey is unlike any other sport.
A. Hand eye coordination to be able to control, pass, and shoot the puck
B. The strength the be able to shoot the puck fast and hard enough to get it into the net
C. The agility, speed, endurance, and acceleration to skate past your opponent or the catch one
D. The strength the be able to hit or take a hit
E. You have to have incredible balance because you need to apply all these skills while skating on ice with a 1 to 1.5mm skate blades
II. It's proven that hockey is the fastest moving and hardest hitting sport out there.
A. On average players skate 20-25 mph ("The Mechanics of Skating ")
B. Always have to keep your head up while skating because in a split second you can get hit and if you don’t brace yourself the end result could be deadly
C. Hockey hits are proven to be 17% harder than football hits even though NHL players are 20% smaller (Betz).

III. On a daily basis, players get injured during games and yet continue to play through the pain

A. Greg Campbell broke his leg and continued to play
B. Players repeatedly block 100mph+ slap shots to the body and get right back up
C. March 22nd 1989 Buffalo Sabers goalie Clint Malarchuk had his throat slit open by a skate blade and almost bled to death on the ice and returned to play just two weeks later (McCoun).
D. Bobby Baun breaks his ankle, continues to play and scores the overtime winner in game 6 of the playoffs. He then played game 7 the following day and after the series was over he finally went to the hospital where x-rays showed he had a broken ankle (McCoun).
E. Nathan Horton of the Boston Bruins played the whole playoffs with a seriously separated shoulder until being knocked out of the Stanley Cup Finals with a separated shoulder (Betz).
I. There’s no other sport quite like hockey, it’s the toughest one out there to learn and play while containing the toughest athletes.
A. The skill set you need in order to play hockey is unlike any other sport.
B. It's proven that hockey is the fastest moving and hardest hitting sport out there.
C. On a daily basis, players get injured during games and yet continue to play through the pain

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