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It Started with a Vision

The creative mind of George Lucas has developed many different movies with different subject matter. Many of these movies, namely Star Wars, have pushed the envelope in the realm of special effects and sound. His demand for better special effects and sound increased the overall technology in the film industry, and continues to do so today with his company Industrial Light and Magic.

In all of Lucas' films, his main concern is getting his view across to the audience. He wants to portray his vision in the most vivid way possible so the audience can hopefully get a grasp of what message he is trying to get across, or what item he wants to address. Trying to get his idea across became an obsession for Lucas. The scene had to be almost entirely what he envisioned. In fact, Lucas would go to excessive lengths in creating a near perfect scene in comparison to other directors of his day. He further displayed his perfectionism when he wrote out screenplays. For example, "he only used No. 2 lead pencils, making his tiny print almost impossible to read" (Pollock 143).

On the set, Lucas was a mastermind and a compulsive creator of visual imagery. Off the set, he was a creative coordinator. He spent countless hours developing the plot, story line, and dialogues of his movies. He then spent what time he had left pitching those scripts and ideas, and developing new ones. George wrote in a letter to his wife during the filming of Star Wars, "I forget how impossible making movies really is, I get so depressed, but I guess I'll get through it somehow..."(Pollock 168). If a person lives largely in a duality of something (having a passion for it, and then occasionally hating it), why would they continue with that line of work?

Simple, Lucas had a vision he alone wanted to get across. "Ideally, George would like to come up with an idea for a film,…...

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