Why Smoking Is Bad for You

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Why smoking is bad not only for you also for everybody else

Why smoking is bad not only for you also for everybody else
It is being proofproven that smoking can not only give you cancer and it kill you. Several reasons may involve why people conscious about it still decide to smoke, also it is being proofproven when you smoke not only you are hurting yourself also you are affecting those who are around you. If you smoke, your physical condition will be negatively affected, so it will be very difficult for you to succeed in physical activities. Maybe you don’t notice all the physical effects of smoking immediately, but you surely will be sorry one day.
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Another reason why you should not smoke is because of all the money that you spend on it. Maybe you start smoking only when someone offers you a cigarette, but there will be a day when you will feel the need of a cigarette. By this time, you will spend more money. All the money you would spend in something better, don’t you think?
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Considering the last reason why you shouldn’t smoke is out of respect for the people around you. When you smoke, you not only harm yourself, but you also harm all the people around you. So you mustn’t be selfish; you should at least avoid smoking in front of people who don’t smoke. Also many people don’t like the cigarettes smell, so they won’t enjoy your company.
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I gave you some reasons of why you shouldn’t smoke, so I really hope that now those of you who smoke are able to think a little and try to make a smart decision. In addition to all the reasons I have said. Think also about all the people who love you, like your family who doesn’t want to see you suffering or sick. If you decide to continue smoking you are free to do it, but if you want to stop smoking congratulations.
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