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Why They Serve

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Serving in the Army

When reading these three texts about serving in the US Army, it gives three different views on how it is.
In the first text by Sarah Palin, it is her son who enlist, to protect and serve his country, or ad she say in the text, he did it because of the younger generation in our family … he wanted them to grow up in a safe world.
The most important statement she wants to give to us, is that we should not allow our kids to go in to war, and risk their lives, never knowing if they will be coming home alive or in a casket. On the other hand se can´t seem to understand why those kids chose to enlist in the first place, why not stay home and get a collage degree and take care of your family.
Then if we take a look at text number two by David Zucchino, he talks about a man who have come home from service, and no longer is the same as before… he sufferers from PTSD which he will never recover completely from, the main focus of this text is to tell us that the soldiers who do service in the US Army and who has been sent in to war, never becomes the same when they come home, there are almost no offers for them, no treatment. It is also the story about a father that allowed his son to go in to war, and risk his life… as the father says in the end of the text…..”I wish he had never gone in”.
Last but not least we got text number 3 written by, Joel Pitney, this time it is about the making of a marine officer, the main character in this text is lieutenant Fick, who is the author behind the book, “One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer” where he describes how a marine is formed from “scrap” to killing machine”.
After two successful tours of duty, Fick, is no longer a part of the marine corps. because he didn´t see himself as a military…...

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