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Why to Become a Broadcast Journalist

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Since a young age I’ve always had an interest in the media and when I began media studies at gcse I continuously became more aware of how dominant the media in the world is. When I began my A level in media studies I became to recognise how powerful the media in the world is and how it is frequently done by broadcast journalists. I’ve always loved the feeling of personal achievement and having pride in what I do, I’m aware that broadcast journalism would bring me high level of satisfaction and achievement. Also, I consider myself as wanderlust, the opportunity to international travel reporting significant events would be an overwhelming experience. Furthermore, I believe the essence of broadcast journalism is people and their stories, the chance to meet different people from different cultures and paths of life would give me personally such a thrill and an irreplaceable memory. Moreover, the variety of jobs within broadcast journalism is outstanding, the idea to go to work and not know what your job will entail that day because it includes so many different events and stories, which need coverage is so exciting for me personally. Teamwork is personally a strong skill of mine as I communicate effectively to others, which would be put to good use within broadcast journalism. Finally, the range of job opportunities which I could put my practical skills to use in, are broadcasts which I persistently follow, but also influence and inspire me personally (television, radio and…...

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