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Question 1: You have two folders named source and destination on C: drive of your computer. The permissions of Source folder (and all the contents)are different from that of Destination folder (and its contents). You copy a file from Source folder to Destination folder. Which folder's permissions will be applicable to the copy of the file? 1. Source | |

2. Destination
3. The permissions are first compared and most restrictive permissions are applied.
4. The permissions are first compared and least restrictive permissions are applied.
Correct Answer: 2.

Question 2: Which tool will you use to remove the credentials from the Windows 7 computer? 1. Del | |

2. rem
3. Local GPE
4. Credentials manager
Correct Answer: 4.

Question 3: What is a plug-and-play device?

1. A device, which can be plugged to a computer from outside
2. A device, which does not need any drivers 3. A device, for which the driver gets installed automatically | |

4. A device, which can play multimedia files upon plugging
Correct Answer: 3.

Question 4: Your manager asks you to configure all the desktop computers running Windows 7 Enterprise on the company network to be configured in a way that the computers require a 12 character long password for using BitLocker to go on the USB disk drives. Which policy will help you configure the computer in the required way?

1. Control Use of BitLocker On removable Drives 2. allow access to BitLocker-protected removable Data Drives From earlier Versions of Windows | |

3. Configure Use Of passwords For removable Data Drives
4. Configure Use Of Smart Cards On removable Data Drives
Correct Answer: 3.

Question 5: What is Teredo?

1. Teredo is a tunneling protocol used for allowing IPv4 traffic to be encapsulated inside IPv6 packets
2. Teredo is a tunneling protocol used for allowing…...

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