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“With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa” by E Sledge
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“With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa” by E Sledge
This book, With the Old Breed, primarily focuses on the warfare experiences of the author E. B. Sledge. The author has become almost a legend after the publication of this book. The reason behind this book’s publication is the fact that, when the author E. Sledge came back from the World War II, he had begun to experience night terrors and horrible dreams about the war. In order to make peace with his experiences of war, Sledge’s family advised him to start writing the memoirs of the war. Sledge used to keep a Bible in his pocket during combat and he had written these memoirs in that Bible. After many years, the author’s family persuaded him to publish these writings too. So, Sledge has published his war experiences by the name, With the Old Breed. In this book, the author has narrated his life, from the time of his admission in the US Marine, till the finish of the Second World War. In this report the overall evaluation and criticism of the book will be presented. The effects of this book on the thinking of general people about warfare and combat will also be analyzed. Major strengths and drawbacks of this book will also be taken into consideration in this report.
About the Book
With the Old Breed was published by Sledge, in the year 1981, as a terrible account of the Second World War experiences; as a Navy man. But this book was introduced to a wider section of audience in the year 1984, when Sledge was interviewed by Studs Terkel for The Good War. The Good War includes planned interviews regarding the Second World War. The Good War helped a great deal in promoting With the Old Breed. The complete narrations of ‘The Pacific’ also rely upon this book. These narrations were published few…...

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