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The combination of Rahim Khan’s advice and Amir’s growing maturity results in Amir finally facing his past. After Rahim Khan’s call Amir Ventures back to Afghanistan to visit Rahim to finally reconcile with his past, Amir explains to Rahim about the past of the “winter of 1975” and the events that made him the man he is today. Rahim Khan reveals something to Amir that he never knew himself and that was that Baba had slept with Hassan’s mother which ultimately means that Amir and Hassan were half-brothers, and that Baba had been keeping a dark secret all along. Rahim also explains that Hassan had died and that he had a son Sohrab who is an orphan and that Amir has a chance to redeem himself though Sohrab, but it is not though saving Sohrab that will entirely redeem himself. Amir takes the final leap towards his reconciliation with the facing of Assef in Kabul, from whom Hassan had always shielded him from. As Assef is beating him, Amir is laughing as it gave him a sense of relief and freedom. Amir finally relieves his past cowardice and feels healed as he saves a life, in doing this he finally repays Hassan for his life of sacrifice. Through these events Hosseini reveals his views and values of irony as Sohrab pulls out a slingshot and shoots Assef in the eye portraying Hassan as a little boy, and the adoption of Sohrab by Amir and Soraya as they are unable to have a baby themselves.
In conclusion Khaled Hosseini’s novel ‘The kite Runner’ is a complete story of redemption as Amir completes his journey by saving Sohrab, standing up to Assef and admitting everything including the truth about Sohrab. Amir preforms a good deed and an admission of guilt as he makes up for Hassan’s sacrifice through sacrifices of his own and for the “first time since the winter of 1975, I felt at…...

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