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Could this type of research be conducted today? Why or why not?
What should the public have done, since they knew about the study?
In your opinion, how should the data be used that is obtained from an unethical experiment and how can we prevent this from happening again?
Discuss the code of ethics as it is related to this study?
What are your personal thoughts on the ethical standards exhibited through this study?
This research could not be conducted in today’s society. There are many reasons why it could not be conducted today. One reason is because people nowadays of all races are more aware of the diseases that today’s society has now than they were back then. Also, that people nowadays want to be treated for the diseases rather than be experimented on. People are more aware of the researches that are taking place to not allow this type of study to be conducted today.
In my opinion the public should have allowed this type of research to be conducted. The public didn’t know anything about the research until the 1960 when the researcher working for the US health department services tried to get the project ended and was unsuccessful in getting it stopped. He then went to the press which it ultimately came to a stop. This is what brought it to the public’s attention.
In my opinion the data collected should be put to use to treat those who develop syphilis in the future. The data could also be used to see what researches could do differently in their next…...

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