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Arab Women (Non - National) in UAE
Changes in the labor market across the world have triggered human migration across the globe. The migration is in search of opportunities and pressure from home countries. The fight for human equality and unfavorable economic conditions in home countries are some of the factors triggering the migration. Potential countries in terms of economic growth are final destinations for these immigrants. They feel a growing economy will boost earning, education and empowerment opportunities.
Adina is an ambitious Arab woman born in UAE, by Yemen parents. She feels her stay in UAE if worth than her native Yemen. She is compelled to work hard by the growing economy in UAE; she has to keep up with the pace in order to fit in the economy. Adina is a young woman living with her family in Dubai. UAE economy is the strongest in western Asia, a fact that has raised the living standard especially in cities. To keep up with the growing economy, Adina merged her studies with a job in the aluminum industry in Abudhabi. It is a challenge for her to manage both the education and her job, considering she work during the weekdays and attend her lectures on weekends. She is also expected to meet demands and obligations by her family. She is determined to face these challenges in order to secure her future in UAE economy.
Adina admires good life in UAE, and she works hard to maintain the status. Life has not been always good for Adina; UAE has presented her with various challenges. She has been exposed to serious human right violations due to her origin. These challenges start with her neighbors, to her work, in the university and her travel.
Adina works at an aluminum industry in Abudhabi. This is not her dream job, since she always dreamt of working in a financial institution. Working in this industry is motivated by little wages she receives to cater…...

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