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1. Open Visual Studio 2010

2. Open the file Output-Ass, enlarge the picture so you could see the whole image, press CTRL and the + sign in your keyboard several times.

3. Name your project as Basic Math Test.

4. Design the user interface like the “Output-Ass” file that I uploaded.

5. Edit the properties of each control.

6. 3 Labels: Variable 1, Variable 2, and Result.

7. 3 Textboxes: At the bottom of each label.

8. 1 GroupBox: edit the text property to Operator.

9. Inside the groupBox, add 4 RadioButtons. Edit the properties of each radio button, Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (*), and Division (/).

10. 3 Buttons: Calculate, Clear and Exit

11. Edit the font styles of each labels and buttons and make the size larger like the example output.

12. Change the Text property of your Form1 to Basic Math Test.

13. Type the codes, double click the Calculate button.

14. Declare your variables: at the upper portion of your codes in the Public Class so that it will be known in every event procedure of your project.

15. Dim FirstNum, SecondNum As Double.

16. Why double? To have a large, general purpose variable type that could handle many different numbers-integers, numbers with decimal points, very big numbers, small numbers and so on.

17. For the private sub Button1_click, type the ff:

18. FirstNum = TextBox1.Text SecondNum = TextBox2.Text

19. The FirstNum can be typed in your txtbox1 and the SecondNum will be in your txtbox2.

20. Then after the 2lines, you will type If, Then, EndIf for each radiobuttons.

21. If RadioButton1.Checked = True Then TextBox3.Text = FirstNum + SecondNum End If 22. Type 4sets of If, Then, EndIf until the 4th and last radio button with its corresponding operators.

23. Go back to your design and double click the Clear button

24. TextBox1.Text = " " TextBox2.Text = " " TextBox3.Text = " "

RadioButton1.Checked = False …………..etc and all the radio buttons will be typed also

25. Type the code for your Exit button

26. Debug your project.

27. The project should accept numbers, then tick any radio button, then calculate to get the result.

28. Zip the folder of your project, Basic Math Test, name of your zipped folder will be LastNameAss2, it should be uploaded in your yahoo group site until tom, Thursday(Dec6)

29. Assignment #3

30. Name the project as Advanced Math Test

31. The user interface will be the same but change the operators to:

32. Integer Division (\), Remainder (Mod), Exponentiation (^), and Concatenation (&).

33. Ass#3 should also be uploaded to your yahoo groups.

34. We will have a quiz on Friday.

35. Hint: It can be the same with your assignments, e.g. a user will input a number in the textbox, and then if he will click the button, the result will be displayed in a message box. I may give you different operators like square root. So, study all your projects and study its codes.…...

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