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Textual Analysis Read each of the following texts carefully, according to the following schedule. Read actively -- noting, highlighting, as appropriate. Be prepared to comment on each author’s main point / motive / message. What techniques or strategies does each author use? Please complete a “Reader Response” assignment for each reading. These will be collected, but not returned, so you may wish to make electronic files for each, so that they would be available to you for future use. Please be prepared for class discussion.
For Wednesday (2/12): * “Boyfriends” (Susan Allen Toth, 130-135) * “A & P" (John Updike, 7-12)
For Monday (2/17): * “Shaping Up Absurd” (Nora Ephron, supplement) * “The Disposable Rocket” (John Updike, 134-137)
For Wednesday (2/19): * “The Misery of Silence” (Maxine Hong Kingston, supplement) * “Mother Tongue” (Amy Tan, 120-125)
For Monday (2/24): * “On Being Black and Middle Class” (Shelby Steele, 101-111) * “Black Men and Public Space” (Brent Staples, supplement)
For Wednesday (2/26): * *Write a thesis statement and opening paragraph for a textual analysis of one of the above eight works, in preparation for your first analysis paper. (Extra credit for e-mailing before Tuesday, 8:00 PM.)
For Monday (3/3): * *Textual analysis: two "body" paragraph(s) due. (Extra credit for e-mailing before Sunday, 8:00 PM.)
For Wednesday (3/5): * *Completed draft of your essay (Textual Analysis) is due. Please bring two copies. For Monday (3/10): * *Textual Analysis is due!!! * Comparative Textual Analysis will be introduced.
For Wednesday (3/12): * Brief Oral Reports on selected texts for Comparative Textual Analysis.…...

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