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1.1 Prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff. Interview Questions 0 What is your process of recruitment? We have quite a simple process. Due to the size of the firm we have limited staff. We usually recruit people by recommendation and positive attitude to work. 1 For a job description do you have any essentials criteria in mind? We usually hire only qualified staff but there are few exceptions at times. For example, if a candidate has good work experience instead of formal education. 2 Do you have any person specification in your recruiting process?

3 What kind of advertisement does your company need for recruitment? We would put an ad in the local magazine or at the local church. 4 Do you have any format you follow for a CV? 5 No specific format for a CV is followed. What are your internal and external recruitment processes?

6 What selection procedure do you follow?

7 What kind of test do you give the candidates?

8 What are the formalities you have to perform for recruitment and selection which include your regulatory, ethical and legal aspects as a company? We usually insist on a Police clearance of all employees just to make sure that their paperwork is clear. 9 What kind of retention policies do you have for your employees? 10 The company gives one Monetary bonus a year to each employee at the time of each individual’s religious celebration.…...

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