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The sands were pearly white. I was memorised by the sea, as sapphire blue as my dear wife’s eyes. It was peaceful. Tranquil. The sun starred it’s raze down on the razor sharp sand. The aroma of hot dogs and filled my nostrils, permeating through the air. Just like the busy streets of New York, but the calm morning breeze of amity island was all I could feel around me. Not a single cloud in the sky, the day seemed as though it was going to be a perfect day, but what is perfect?
Then like a flock of birds, they started to arrive, propelling and fighting over the best spots of the beach they could find. I gaze over like an eagle stalking its prey. Piercing screams, high-pitched laughter, children splashing, squishing, and shouting with joy. Beads of sweat trickled down my face as the sun, a gold coin in sky, effervescent, piercing through my skin like the diamond encrusted sand on the soles of my feet. I felt as though I was in paradise.
I begin to notice the smiling shore ripple with force, accompanied by piercing screams and shouting. I emerge from my deck chair in alertness. Suddenly, a slim figure is swallowed by the gaping mouth of the Pacific Ocean. My heart begins to beat, race and pulsate, almost like the prey running away from the predator. In relief, she emerged, like a moth cradled in its cocoon, cradled on the shoulders of a friend.
I declined back into the embracing arms of my chair feeling composed.
I am still on edge, it almost seemed that as though it was a warning. I can feel the soothing, comforting and relaxing breath of my wife, slowly whirling down my neck. Her fingers begin to dig deep into my shoulders. Engulfed by the rhythmic motion of her hand movements, she spoke gently. She is an angel. She spoke gently, reassuring me that everything is fine. “The kids are in the water” she says to me “Relax”. I am now captivated…...

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