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Aladdin –
Things to Do/See:
• Dessert Passage Shops
• Strolling performers in the mall.
• The clouded ceiling and has real full sized Moorish buildings creating the appearance of a Moorish Bazaar. Security guards dressed in kakis and red berets
• One of the miracles not to be missed during your Desert Passage visit is the live rainstorm at Merchant's Harbor, featuring thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Catch the cloudburst every hour on the hour Monday through Thursday, and every half-hour Friday through Sunday. Free
• Desert Tattoos provides henna tattoos, bindis, belly rings, Indian head dresses and other crystal body art. They use only all natural red and brown henna that lasts from 1 to 3 weeks. Tattoos are priced by design but start at $10. Desert Tattoos can be found in Sultan's Palace, across from Sharper Image. 702-303-4117

Things to Do/See:
• free slot pull out front that you can do once a day so long as you have a Park Place slot card .
• There is a large video amusement arcade in the basement.
• Paris and Bally's are connected via Le Boulevard, the crossover corridor between the two resorts filled with upscale specialty retail shops and Très Jazz, a gourmet restaurant offering live jazz music and "New World Caribbean" cuisine.
• A continuous promotion at Bally's, gives MVP Slot Club Card members a chance for a FREE Slot Pull with a chance to win a million dollars. One pull per person, per day between 9 am and 1 am. Many other smaller prizes are offered as well, like key chains, pens, show tickets and buffets.

Barbary Coast –
Things to Do/See:
• Big Elvis Tuesday – Friday 3-6 p.m.

Bellagio -
Things to Do/See:
• The free Fountain Show in front of the Bellagio shoots off every 30 minutes from 3 pm to 7 pm and then every 15 minutes until midnight. (The routines often vary from one show to the next.) Wait until after to dark…...

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