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AP3: Homework over break

We are reviewing the different modes (or ways) or writing. Thus far, we have discussed narration, description, and exemplification.

We will continue on with exemplification and introduce process writing.

1. Read our last exemplification essay: “Why Looks are the Last Bastion of Discrimination” on page 429. Answer the “Style and Structure,” “Style and Structure” and the “Combining the Patterns.”

2. Process writing: Read the background information on how to write a process essay: pages 263-278. Either print out the notes below (see the page below) or copy them by hand and fill in the blanks.

3. Process: Read Malcolm X’s “My First Conk” on page 281. Do the Purpose and Audience and style and structure questions.

4. Process: Read Piven, Borgenicht, and Worick’s “How to Decorate Your Room When You’re Broke” on page 290. Do the Purpose and Audience and style and structure questions.

I hope you have a very happy and restful break. You deserve it! (

See the page below for the notes for process writing.

Process writing (pages _____________)

I. Overview: A process essay __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A. Puts events in ___________________________ order

B. Events form a ___________________ order so _____________ is key

C. Should emphasize the order of the _________________ steps and the relation to the ______________ as a whole

D. Depending on purpose, it can be a set of ______________________ or a ________________ explanation.

II. Understanding Instructions

A. Enable the reader to _____________ a process.…...

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