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Culture is a number one priority to Zappos’, Tony Hsieh. Currently the company is in the middle of transitioning from their old structure, a decently centralized structure, to a holacracy, and putting all employees including himself on an equal playing field. Zappos has a very unique and family like company culture that inspires growth, creativity, and openness aimed at having the best customer service.
Zappos culture was created and implemented by Hsieh, who wanted to create a space of work life integration instead of work life balance. He wanted people to feel at home in their office and with the people they worked with. This culture is maintained through each person living out the 10 core values of the company that include focusing on the strategy, being weird, and ultimately being humble. This is continued on through various systems the company has in place to encourage company bonding. For example the IT department is right in the middle of the Zappos café so the people there don’t feel banished, and can be a contributing member to the culture. Another system in place to maintain this culture is the $50 co-worker bonus that encourages staff to collaborate.
Superordinate goals at Zappos help keep this culture effective through the Insights department that aids other companies in creating strong company culture. Community involvement is another superordinate goal that was demonstrated on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. Zappos feed over 1000 families in the area and gave new shoes and socks to whoever needed them. While this doesn’t directly relate to customer service, this is a key feature in maintaining the company culture Zappos wants and keeping all employees close to the customer.
The culture in Zappos old model was effective because Hsieh had created a safe environment where employees felt safe, valued, and where they felt like they…...

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