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We, Pakistanis as a nation don’t like following a regulation or a certain pattern if we’re bound to it, It can be because of many reasons but that is understood.
There are various reasons and rationale explanations of this mindset but the foremost are: 1. Psychological (We as a nation tend to break the rules more than following them, we have easy going approach and are lethargic in nature) 2. Social (We like to follow the trend of the society and go with the flow rather than breaking a social or typical norm, i-e not following the queue in this situation)

It should be made clear that we need short term solutions and long term planning to encounter this. All the solutions we can act upon to make queue at this very instant are the short term solutions but we must come up with the long term planning to change the collective attitude of the society to follow the queue and be disciplined in a much greater perspective.

Proposed solution: * We should use creative and appealing ways for public awareness and motivating them. .

* We must start with ourself and initiate the process of making queue even if we are standing with our friends.

* We should use positive reinforcement and give small rewards to the ones following the queue, even a little smile or gratitude. Meanwhile we should also use the negative reinforcement by making our laws and policies stern enough that people won’t break them.

* Opinion makers should make a positive endorsement about it so that people tend to go after it. * We should use our leaders, clerics, celebrities and people who have strong following to set-up a trend by doing the gestures for achieving this purpose.


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